"Countrified" Apron

At last it's finally finished.  This apron was made for my sister for her birthday.  She is a farm girl just like me, so I had to pick out some fabric that would look fitting for a country girl.  I looked at a local fabric shop and found the perfect material.

Isn't it perfect?!? 
My sister and I had previously picked out a pattern that we both liked for the apron.  It's a see & sew pattern.  I made apron B, with a few alterations.  Here's a picture of the pattern I'm referring to...
As you can see, Apron B has ruffles on the straps of the apron.  My sister didn't really care for them, so I simply omitted them.  It worked out quite nicely.  
You wouldn't even know anything was left out by looking at it.  The pattern was very simple and easy to follow.  I would highly recommend it to anyone with a bit of sewing know-how wanting to make an apron.  There were a few tricky parts, but as long as I took it step by step and double checked it before I sewed it, it went well!!!

There are no raw edges on the back side, everything has a nice seam on it.  Also, the top and the waist band are double thickness.  The skirt portion is just one layer.  The straps come down on the back and button to the waist.  This is one feature that I kind-of like.  No chance of it pulling on your neck while you're trying to work!!!
Ta Da!!!! all finished and ready to package up for a beautiful birthday present.  Trust you've enjoyed the pictures and are even inspired to make your own!!!
-rita jean (maverickess)