Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cowgirl T....& Craft Heaven link!

Hello again!   wow! It's been so long since I've contributed to the blogging world!  Well, first off, I want to share a refashion I did a little while back.

This was a regular short sleeved T-shirt.  I cut the sleeves off, cut them into strips, cut the strips into fringe, and sewed it on like so...

Pretty easy!  Also makes for a super cute and unique shirt!  
I also wanted to tell y'all that I found this site that has a ton of patterns on it for just about anything you would ever want to make.  And it's not just sewing,  they have everything!  I think I'm hooked on all their ideas. It's like some kind of craft idea heaven!!!! You should check it out.  Here's the link. 
In one month I start college classes!  Yikes!!!!  I still have supplies to get!  I'm going to be taking a program called Baking/Pastry Arts.   I had Baking Boot Camp this summer, as a preliminary course.  It was a lot of fun!  So I'll be busy with that this fall, and farming!  
Anyone else loving swimming pools in this hot summer weather?   :)    Hope you all are doin well!!!!!


  1. How cute rita jean!! Very nicely done. Are you a fan of Project Runway?? You may be on that show someday and I can say "I knew you when...."

  2. Great job on the shirt! And thanks for the link, it looks like I could get lost over there! :) Happy weekend!


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