Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strawberries and Summertime!

Hey Everybody!!!!
Things have been insanely busy around the farm.  Between chopping, and STRAWBERRIES and general chores, taking care of the cows and livestock....whew!!!!!!!!!!!
Why did I have strawberries in all caps?  Well, we have this big strawberry bed.....which is finally dwindling now.  Our biggest picking was about 90 quarts!!----in one day!!! Isn't that insane???
I was almost dreaming about strawberries!
I made some strawberry jam, then a few strawberry pies!  I found a recipe for a graham cracker-walnut crust.  Pair that with a fresh strawberry pie filling.....spells YUMMMM!!!!   You can find the recipe for the crust here.   The recipe I used for the filling is about the same as anything you can find when you google "fresh strawberry pie recipe."
It's been rather hot here lately too.  Our favorite thing to do to cool off is to go for a ride in my dad's dunebuggy.  For those of you who have no clue what that is, here's a picture.

Ours isn't quite that shiny anymore, but it's the same color and looks the same.  My dad had a guy rebuild the engine this really has some "get up and go" now!  The guy that did it, builds engines for race cars....he did a street version for us.  My dad has had that dunebuggy for as long as he's been married which is over 40 years!!!!!!!
What does your family do to cool off on these hot summer days?
I know a lot of our neighbors are putting in pools!  I've been tempted to run next door and jump in!
Hope y'all can keep cool and have fun doing it!!!!!!!!  :)


  1. nuthin' better than homemade strawberry jam!! the dune buggy looks fun! Have a Happy 4th of July, Rita Jean! :-)

  2. Hi Rita Jean,

    Mmmmm, I want some fresh picked strawberries!!

    I gave you the "One Lovely Blog" Award! Go see what that means here:

    Have a lovely day!

    Amanda @


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