Monday, May 2, 2011

Cupcake Series (mini), Part 1: Snickerdoodle

I warned you last week that I'd be cupcaking my poor little kitchen to death for the mother daughter luncheon at my church this past Saturday....well, all went well, and I now want to share my ideas and recipes with all y'all!  I've been trying to figure out the best way to do this, and throughout my thinking process and what not, I kinda like the idea of doing a mini series on cupcakes.  Each post from now,  until I get through my little cupcake obsession will be of a different kind of cupcake.   Let me forewarn you, you may want to read these little episodes after a good meal....I don't want to be responsible for anyone getting uncontrollably hungry, or drooling over their computer screen, or anything like that!  (you know I'm just kidding....maybe  :)   

Part 1:   Snickerdoodle cupcake

This particular cupcake does sound a bit iffy at first glance, but it has it's own lovable personality....very similar to a snickerdoodle cookie.  If you like one, you very well may like the other!

The frosting used here is a Seven Minute Frosting.  For those of you who haven't tried it, it's a very light, fluffy, non-filling frosting.  The combination of this frosting with the snickerdoodle cupcake is pretty darn good!  Both the recipe for the frosting and the cupcake itself are from Martha Stewart. This is about the only recipe I used that I didn't alter, or spice up at all.  It was great just as it was!  Would you like the recipes? Why of course you would!  :)    The cupcake recipe can be found here, and the frosting recipe can be found here.

My tips and Hints:
My first attempt at these cupcakes turned out just as good as the second, so it shouldn't be something that should scare you as far as the making of it goes.  The frosting does take some time to complete....more than simply seven minutes!  It is best the day it's made.  I strongly recommend you make it and serve it relatively soon....another words, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to make frost them at 6 AM and serve them at 6 PM. if you get my drift.  The recipe suggests dusting the finished cupcakes with a cinnamon and sugar mixture.  I tried just a dusting of cinnamon.  It was good, but just a bit too cinammony for my family's taste.
Last thing I want to mention....when you frost the cupcakes with this particular frosting, you may want to put it in a gallon size Ziploc bag, and snip off a corner.  It saves time, making clean-up so much easier!  :)  When I scoop the frosting into the bag, I have an empty  juice or water pitcher on the table and put my bag in there, and fold the edges over the side of the container, so I don't have to try to hold the bag and the frosting bowl, and scoop all at the same time. 

The pink flowers in this picture were made out of homemade royal icing.  If I do that again, I'm buying meringue powder.  From scratch is just too hard to deal with.  Once you get it the right consistence for the flowers, it's so stiff you practically have to strangle the bag to get the icing to come out....not a enjoyable relaxing thing to be doing!
Well, there's Part 1 for you!  Enjoy!!!!!!

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