Friday, April 8, 2011


Been workin on some projects that had a deadline to beat.  One of which is the Just One Star project.  They are requesting you to make one block to help those in the service, and veterans.  I was more than happy to make my block and send it on its way!  It's such a beautiful pattern!  Look at my block!!!

I know most quilters say it's not that hard to make, and I guess it's not hard, but for me a it was a bit tricky....nothing that me and my trusty sewing machine couldn't handle!   :)
I sent the block off to Texas yesterday.  The deadline for these blocks is May 1, 2011. 
I've been chopping out 6 inch squares for the "2011 Farmer's Wife Quilting Challenge."  It's sort of a mystery type of thing.  She told us we needed to have 75 squares of light to medium fabric, and  75 squares of medium to dark fabric--for a total of 150 squares!!! 

 The nice thing is that this is a stash busting challenge.  We get to use our scrap fabric!!!!!  Yay!!!  I've got a whole half of a room full of that!    Anyhow...I had to have all of them chopped for this past Wednesday.  I have no idea what she has in mind from there.  We will probably be putting these quilts together in the Fall.  Finished quilts will go to the Red Cross.


  1. Wow! What a great site! I wish I could sew. Fantastic job!!

  2. Your block looks great! I'll show it to my mother in law she would love to see it!



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