Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilt Show Re-cap

Today there was a quilt show in Sun Praire,WI not too awful far away from where I call home.  Here's some pictures I took...

Love the sweet little cows.

Awwww...look at the puppy!

There were a lot more, but these were the ones that I loved overall.   I'm not a girly, flower-loving girl....yeah, my mom tells me I'm crazy!
Hope you enjoyed these pictures.....I do apologize for my camera strap getting in the way of the dog picture.  I didn't notice until I got home.  Oops!!!   :)


  1. wow that is allot of hard work.
    Love the dog and the first two. thanks for sharing! :)

  2. nice pictures rita jean. love that little bunny!

  3. Wow those are amazing quilts! Thanks for stopping by for the UBP11 party it is wonderful to meet you :)

  4. Those quilts are way more impressive than any quilt I've ever seen before!

  5. Wow! What beautiful quilts! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kinds words. I am now a follower of your blog as well!! :-)

  6. i had to scroll back to see the strap, so you did great! haha

    and hmmm, can't help but noticing, those cute cows don't have no udders...? ;-)



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