Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine just for you!!!

It's Wednesday!!!  Halfway through the week!  I wanted to share this picture with you all today.  This picture is not original with me.  I had seen in on a calendar once a while back, and today, I found it online.  It's one of my favorite old rustic barn shots.  Here's the source for it.   It's another fun blog, of course!  I'm amazed at how many fun blogs are out there....Love it!!!
I've been doing a bit of quilting lately, between barn chores-taking care of the animals and all that good stuff.  I hope to post pictures of my quilt blocks within the next day or two! 
Oh, it's all nice and sunshiny outside my window today!!!  (That might be a word-"sunshiny"- I don't know...sounds kind of neat!)   Love seeing the sunshine, and all the other signs of spring these days!!! 
Hope you're day is sunshiny too!!!

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  1. The mountains behind that barn are breathtaking! Certainly don't have mountains like that on the east coast.


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