Monday, March 7, 2011

Laptop Cover

My latest and greatest sewing project...

This past year, I got my first laptop, and since then, I've been wanting to make something like this to protect it from dust or any other foreign object that doesn't need to find it's way onto my laptop.   So here it is all sewn up.  The basic idea and instructions for this cover came from Indigo Blue.  
The part that took the longest was machine quilting the bulk of the material....but it was a very good experience for me.
When I got to the part in the tutorial where you can sew bias tape around the edges, I went off on my own little bunny trail.  I took some scraps I had around, and sewed them together like you would do for binding a quilt.

I love the blue fabric there, and I wanted some way to tie it all together, so I went hunting....and came up with this.

The flower turned out exactly like I hoped it would, if not better!  The tutorial is so easy to follow...and one of my favorite flowers out there!

For fastening the flap, the original tutorial said to use magnets.  I didn't really think it wise to use magnets that close to my precious laptop, so I went with velcro.

It works well!!  However, sewing the velcro on was a major pain!  I think next time I'll go with liquid stitch, or some other magical product like that.

I'm hoping to make one for my Dad sometime.  I think I'll leave the flower off of his though.  :)
-'til next I blog....


  1. It looks great. I really love the flower!

  2. This is just what I need. I'm in the process of purchasing a laptop, but told hubby not to get one of those expensive cases. Now I'm going to make my own.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by :)


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