Friday, March 4, 2011

Homemade Peeps (tutorial)

One of my favorite sweets around holidays is peeps.  I just love them!   Yesterday, I was horsin' around in my kitchen, and I came up with the perfect homemade peeps!  Here's what ya need to do to get started. 
        First off, you'll need to go to this link.  Here you will find the recipe for homemade marshmallows.  You will want to make a batch of these, following all the given steps and directions until you get to the part where you let them sit for 6 hours or overnight.  After that step, and before you cut them, you will need to do the following:   
      Get out a Ziploc bag (or any plastic bag that will seal tight), and put some granulated sugar in it.  **how much you will want to put in, will depend on how many colors you make your peeps.  I made 3 different colors, 1/2 cup sugar for each color, and I had about half of that left over.  So if you do one color, you should have plenty if you use 1/2 cup sugar to 1 cup sugar.**
         Next, add a few drops of food coloring to the sugar in the bag(or bags, depending on how many colors you want).  (If you have younger kids, you will want to call them to help you with this next step!) 
     After the food coloring has been added to the bag(s), seal tightly, removing as much air as possible, then shake, squish, knead, and shake some more, until all the sugar is the same color, and there are no dark blotches of color remaining.  (Note:  you may think you can just use store bought colored sugar, but believe me, you will not get the same flavor or texture that you get by making your own.)
    Put each color in a small bowl. 
    Now, you will need to get out a sharp knife, and your non-stick cooking spray.  Spray your knife well.  Now, you can cut your soon-to-be-peeps into squares or rectangles.  (If you want you could use a cookie cutter, but make sure you coat it with the non-stick spray very, very well. All that marshmallow you are cutting is very sticky!!!)
      As you cut, keep what you aren't cutting covered with some greased aluminum foil, so the top doesn't dry out. 

      After you cut a few, plop them in your colored sugar, and coat well.  Give it a little shake to remove excess, then place on a cookie sheet to dry out slightly while you continue with the rest.

      When you've got them all coated, and pretty, transfer to an airtight container to keep them until you are ready to serve them. 
       Lastly, Enjoy!!!!  They are soooooooo good!  You will think they were store bought, except I think they taste a smidge better than store bought.  :)

            Leave a comment (and/or) email me and let me know just how much you liked them.  If you make some interesting ones, please send me some pictures!  :P      In the meantime, have fun and enjoy!!!!


  1. Rita, this is good and bad for me, good that I love peeps,,,,,,,,bad that I can open and eat a whole dang one setting as they are my fav and only sold once a with the awesome recipe I can have them daily why not.... Really thanks for the recipe I will try them with my daughter!

  2. Cute! I've made homemade marshmallows before so I just might have to try this especially in a shape!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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