Sunday, March 13, 2011

chic handwarmers

Here's what I've been promising y'all.  You've saved the 6 inches of sleeve from the sweater up-do project, and you've made the easy breezy flower  that I posted about not too long's the fun part!  We get to put all that together and here's what we get!

I just love these things!!!  They are great if you are trying to knit or crochet, or even sew, and still keep your hands warm. 
Here's the "how-to!"
You'll need 2, six inch parts of a sweater sleeve as I discussed a bit ago, and two crochet flowers, and a few scrap pieces of sweater (these don't have to be very big pieces at all.)
You should try them on and kind of mark where you want the hole for you thumb.  Then you can cut a small hole where you've marked, and try in on for may have to make it bigger, if it's too big, don't worry, It's fixable!

Then you'll want to zig zag on the edge of the thumb hole.  It will stretch some, depending on your fabric.  This will be fixed in the next step.

Now, you can turn it inside out, and sew slightly diagonal (as in the picture below), from the thumb hole to the end.  The picture is of the finger end of the handwarmer.  You should to the same from the thumb hole to the wrist end too. If you need to shrink the thumb hole, just start sewing up a bit, kinda like I did below.  This will help it to stay on your hand, and give it a bit of a glove-ish shape.

Now you can zig zag around the wrist end, that still has the raw edge on it.
When you've got it right side out, you can find where you want the flower, and pin it on..
Take your scrap fabric, that I mentioned before, and zig zag along one edge.  now, roll it up, like so...

Once you've got it all rolled up, pin it, and tie some thread around it not too far below the sewn edge.  You should sew through the whole thing by hand once or twice, just so it's all secure.

Cut just below where you've secured it.  With the unsewn edge down, place it in the center of your flower on your handwarmer.

Lastly, sew it to all together....I went through the flower and secured that first, (I held it the center like shown in the picture, so I didn't have to figure out how to pin it on) then I went up through the red center of the flower, and down through the inner edge of the crochet flower. 
Once all is secure, you've got your chic handwarmers.  Wear them for warmth, or just for show!  :)

Someday, I want to run wild with this, and put a whole bunch of different fun embellishments on there instead of a flower. We'll see! 
If you've got some more ideas....leave me a comment and tell me!!!!
Have a gorgeous day!  :D


  1. Wow these look great, thanks for sharing, you have done a fantastic job.

    Take care,


  2. They are so cute! Thanks for linking up to Try it Tuesday at DotDOtDot! Hope to see you tomorrow! I can't wait to see what else you have been up to!
    Have a happy Monday!

  3. Wow, these are SO cute! Love them.. Hey, check out my word verification posts (upper right sidebar) to increase your comments...the new blogger software is amazing at stopping the spam...


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