Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Anther baby shower.....oh, my!!!    At least I have a break from baby showers for a little while!   I made these sweet little confections for this last baby shower I attended. 

The blocks are homemade peeps, the tutorial for them was posted here previously.    I had to use some frosting between the blocks to "glue" them together so I could transport them without a maddening disaster!  The little baby shoes are made out of frosting.   I figured out how to make them by watching this video.   They aren't too hard to make....(like I should talk...I know they aren't perfect).

...But I think you get the basic idea!  :)

As always, I hope you like what you see!!!!


  1. Love the cupcakes. I can't frost a cake to save my life. I learned once in Home Ec in high school, but mine came out the worst looking out our small group. You could just see the flowers melting away as we shared them.

  2. These are darling! The little frosting shoes are so sweet!


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