Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laptop Slip-Cover

This little project is a sort of present for my dad.  He leaves his laptop out 24/7 and it gets rather dusty.  I made this little cover so his computer can stay nice and dust free!

It's very simple to make.  Just cut out a rectangle that big enough, when folded in half, to fit your laptop inside.  Then, fold the ends, and sew them, so you'll have a nice opening edge.  Next fold the whole thing in half, right side in,  so your sewn edges match, then sew the two remaining raw edges, like so...

Flip it so right side is out, and *ta-da*  you're done!  No more dust piling up on your laptop.   I chose to make it so it didn't close, because my dad likes to keep his computer plugged in.

By the way, don't you love the cowhide?  It's actually suede.  I think it looks so neat!!!
I've not gotten too much else done lately, thanks to me doing something to a muscle in my neck...made for a sore, stiff couple of days.  I felt good enough today to whip this up on my lovely new sewing machine.  First use it has seen by me.  I love it to death!!! 
Well, hope you like this little creation.  See y'all later!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

this, that, and where I'm at!

My friend is in Florida right now, and she emailed this beautiful picture to me!  Doesn't it make you want to grab a swimsuit and go lay out in the sun?  That's what I was thinking when I had to bundle up to go outside this morning. 
Tis a long week thus far!!!!  I haven't done any sewing this week....and for a somewhat good reason!  I got a new sewing machine!!!!!!!!  Yes, I'm super excited!  It isn't new, new, but it's only a year old....so that's new enough for me.  It's fancier than anything I've ever worked with.  I've read through the instruction manual once, but I'm afraid once won't be enough.  It's got so many features and buttons!!! 
It kinda looks like this, except I think it's made by a different company.  I suppose I'll have to say goodbye to my other poor old sewing machine, Matilda.  I named her Matilda, so that when she was sewing away, I could sing Waltzing Matilda to her.  (Yeah, I'm not exactly normal!) 
I'll have to come up with a suitable name for this new baby! 
I'm hoping to do another refashion project soon. I've collected a bunch of inspirational links and photos.  Now it's just--finding the victim and getting to work.  Somewheres between my drawing, chores, quilting, and what-not I'll get it done!
Until next time.....Happy Farming!!! 
 ( Or sewing, crafting, or blogging...whichever applies to you   :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrappy Coasters

I was day dreaming while working out in the barn this evening, trying to think of something that would be fun, quick, and functional, to add some color to everyday living!

This little coaster uses some scrap fabric, a lid from a juice can or something similar, and a hot glue gun! ( I love useing my hot glue gun!)  
Find something circular that's about and inch or a little less bigger all the way around than your lid.  Trace around it onto your fabric.  Cut out 2 circles. 
Glue the middle of the lid to the middle of one of the fabric circles.

Then glue the middle of the other circle onto the middle of the lid, so you've got a
"fabric+lid+fabric" sandwich.  Then, glue the fabric together around the edge.  Lastly, if you want, you can trim it up a bit.

I do realize, there's a lot more you could do with this, you could glue buttons around the outside edge, or add some bling, or whatever you like!  Let you imagination loose and see what happens!  :)
So, what'd you think?  Like it?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Quilt in Progress

I started this quilt about 2 years ago.  My motto....slowly, but surely!!!  Honestly, I'm so excited about it.  I've got 20 blocks done and 4 to go!

 There's the two blocks that will make up the whole thing. 
This next photo is of how I'm thinking of putting it together. (Sorry it's not the best quality.  I only had my phone with me at the time.) 

The 4 blocks that I have to make yet will hopefully be going on the bottom. 
What do you think?  I'm in need of a name.  It's a log cabin quilt, but I want to give it a fabulous name, that would have something to do with stars or midnight, or something along those lines.  Any ideas?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine just for you!!!

It's Wednesday!!!  Halfway through the week!  I wanted to share this picture with you all today.  This picture is not original with me.  I had seen in on a calendar once a while back, and today, I found it online.  It's one of my favorite old rustic barn shots.  Here's the source for it.   It's another fun blog, of course!  I'm amazed at how many fun blogs are out there....Love it!!!
I've been doing a bit of quilting lately, between barn chores-taking care of the animals and all that good stuff.  I hope to post pictures of my quilt blocks within the next day or two! 
Oh, it's all nice and sunshiny outside my window today!!!  (That might be a word-"sunshiny"- I don't know...sounds kind of neat!)   Love seeing the sunshine, and all the other signs of spring these days!!! 
Hope you're day is sunshiny too!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bake of the Day!!!

The other day, I was lookin around at a link party, and found the recipe for these awesome soft pretzels.  I tried them today.  They are real good!!!

I tried to make a few shamrocks...they look more like clovers to me.  They do taste good...which I said already, but it's true!!  :)
You can find the recipe at this lovely blog!!!
They aren't that hard to make either, definitely a good thing! 
Well, I've got some sewing to do now, and some cleaning up, and all that other good stuff.  Think I'll turn on some music.  I absolutely love working when there's music playing!!!   How about you? 
Happy baking y'all!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

chic handwarmers

Here's what I've been promising y'all.  You've saved the 6 inches of sleeve from the sweater up-do project, and you've made the easy breezy flower  that I posted about not too long ago...now's the fun part!  We get to put all that together and here's what we get!

I just love these things!!!  They are great if you are trying to knit or crochet, or even sew, and still keep your hands warm. 
Here's the "how-to!"
You'll need 2, six inch parts of a sweater sleeve as I discussed a bit ago, and two crochet flowers, and a few scrap pieces of sweater (these don't have to be very big pieces at all.)
You should try them on and kind of mark where you want the hole for you thumb.  Then you can cut a small hole where you've marked, and try in on for size...you may have to make it bigger, if it's too big, don't worry, It's fixable!

Then you'll want to zig zag on the edge of the thumb hole.  It will stretch some, depending on your fabric.  This will be fixed in the next step.

Now, you can turn it inside out, and sew slightly diagonal (as in the picture below), from the thumb hole to the end.  The picture is of the finger end of the handwarmer.  You should to the same from the thumb hole to the wrist end too. If you need to shrink the thumb hole, just start sewing up a bit, kinda like I did below.  This will help it to stay on your hand, and give it a bit of a glove-ish shape.

Now you can zig zag around the wrist end, that still has the raw edge on it.
When you've got it right side out, you can find where you want the flower, and pin it on..
Take your scrap fabric, that I mentioned before, and zig zag along one edge.  now, roll it up, like so...

Once you've got it all rolled up, pin it, and tie some thread around it not too far below the sewn edge.  You should sew through the whole thing by hand once or twice, just so it's all secure.

Cut just below where you've secured it.  With the unsewn edge down, place it in the center of your flower on your handwarmer.

Lastly, sew it to all together....I went through the flower and secured that first, (I held it the center like shown in the picture, so I didn't have to figure out how to pin it on) then I went up through the red center of the flower, and down through the inner edge of the crochet flower. 
Once all is secure, you've got your chic handwarmers.  Wear them for warmth, or just for show!  :)

Someday, I want to run wild with this, and put a whole bunch of different fun embellishments on there instead of a flower. We'll see! 
If you've got some more ideas....leave me a comment and tell me!!!!
Have a gorgeous day!  :D

Friday, March 11, 2011

shabby apple giveaway

Here's a quick little notice I'd like to share with y'all....you will want to go check out this amazing give away going on at Urban Farmgirl.  Very easy to enter....and I must mention, Shabby Apple's stuff is amazing, if you haven't already seen that for yourself!  Anyways, head on over, and join in the fun!!!

Easy Breezy Flower

Need to add little feminine touch to that sewing project you've been working on, and don't want to spend all day making it?   Well, here you go!  This little crochet flower is a breeze to hook up...15 minutes tops!!

You will need a crochet hook and some yarn.
There will only be two different stitches used in this flower.
Pattern for flower:
chain (ch) 8, slip stich (sl st) in first stitch.
*sl st into ring, ch 8*  (repeat from * to * 11 more times ending with sl st)  You should end up with a total of 12 petals or loops on your flower.  Weave in yarn tails.
That's it!  How easy, right?!? 
I will be using this flower in the next project I will be posting.  It will also include the ends of the sweater sleeves that I said to save in the last post.  :)
Hope you liked this!!!  Let me know if you have any questions or other ideas regarding the making or using of this easy breezy flower!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

simple sweater up-do

Like most people, I've had a few sweaters sitting in the bottom of my drawer that I might have worn all of about twice in my life!  So, I picked out this one to chop up...  ;)

I think it fits the chair better than it does me!  Not for long though!  Here's a sneak peak at what a pair of scissors and some thread can do for something like this.

Nice, isn't it?   The dummy it's being worn by is actually made with an old shirt newspaper, and duct tape.  (If you want more information on that, let me know.)
Here's the "how to" for this simple sweater re-do...
First off, you'll want to fold your sweater in half, match up the edges and pin them, as shown...


You do that so when you cut it both sides will be even....always a good thing!   (I pinned up the center of the back to, just so I'd know exactly where it was.)
Then cut 'til your heat's content!   Mine ended up looking like this, when I laid down my scissors.

 I also took about 6 inches off of each sleeve.

**You'll want to save these sleeve ends for another fun project, which I will be posting soon.**
Save what you cut off of the sweater to make a collar.  Now you'll want to sew all the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch at the very edge.  + Thank you for this tip  Jill, from Made it on Monday."  Sewing them like that will give you this awesome rufflish edge that won't fray!!!

 Now that you've got that done, trim up your collar and pin it on. I sewed mine with the wrong side of the sweater to the right side of the collar.(wrong sides are both showing in the below picture), so I could then flip the collar over and have the right side up.  Here's what I did...

You'll also notice from the picture, near the center at the bottom, I still have a pin in the center of the back, so I always know were it is to line things up.  Lastly, I added two tucks on either side of the center in the back.  They look like this

You can add any embellishments you feel would spice up your creation.  I thought it over, and decided to keep this one simple.

That wraps up my first refashioned sweater!!!  Hope there will be many more in my future and yours!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Laptop Cover

My latest and greatest sewing project...

This past year, I got my first laptop, and since then, I've been wanting to make something like this to protect it from dust or any other foreign object that doesn't need to find it's way onto my laptop.   So here it is all sewn up.  The basic idea and instructions for this cover came from Indigo Blue.  
The part that took the longest was machine quilting the bulk of the material....but it was a very good experience for me.
When I got to the part in the tutorial where you can sew bias tape around the edges, I went off on my own little bunny trail.  I took some scraps I had around, and sewed them together like you would do for binding a quilt.

I love the blue fabric there, and I wanted some way to tie it all together, so I went hunting....and came up with this.

The flower turned out exactly like I hoped it would, if not better!  The tutorial is so easy to follow...and one of my favorite flowers out there!

For fastening the flap, the original tutorial said to use magnets.  I didn't really think it wise to use magnets that close to my precious laptop, so I went with velcro.

It works well!!  However, sewing the velcro on was a major pain!  I think next time I'll go with liquid stitch, or some other magical product like that.

I'm hoping to make one for my Dad sometime.  I think I'll leave the flower off of his though.  :)
-'til next I blog....