Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Song Question !?!

So sad to say--I don't have any pictures to post today!   I finished tying the Care Bear Baby quilt today.  I was rather surprised at how easy it is to tie a quilt. Although I did manage to stick myself with the needle a few times!  Oops!!! 
Here's the Valentines question of the day:   What is your favorite love (or valentines) song?  
I'm in a bit of a pickle to answer that one....either "Love your Love the most" by Eric Church, or "Make the World go away" by Jim Reeves.  I'd love to hear yours!!!  Happy Valentines Day! 

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  1. Hi Rita Jean, thanks so much for stopping by my place! sure is nice meeting you! I am going to follow hope you come back and follow me! Oh is make the world go away very romantic..........


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