Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Care Bear baby blanket-quilt

1st stage finished!!!!  I've been hand quilting around all the care bears in this piece of  fabric that will serve as the top of the baby blanket-quilt.

I've not done much hand quilting in the past....it's a LOT of work.  Not to discourage you though, it is well worth the effort.   
This quilt was actually started by my grandmother.  She went to be with the Lord this past summer.  It was very unexpected.  She left a few unfinished projects behind.  I have may wonderful memories of her sitting at her sewing machine table piecing together quilt blocks.  She's give me the scraps and I would work on hand sewing my own little project.  Of course, right about the time I would get started on my project my mother would call me home.  As I got older, she and I became very close, and shared many of the same interests.  After her passing, it seemed only right, that I should carry on her legacy by finishing her remaining projects. 

For the top of this quilt, I took some thin, low-loft batting, and cut the size I needed for one bear.  I then but my hoop on the fabric, then pinned the batting on the back of the fabric and proceeded to sew around the bear. 
When each bear is finished, they stick out of the the rest of the backround and are more puffy and life like. 

I recently purchased the fabric for the backing and the binding.  I went with a fleece for the back.  I thought with the little batting that was sewed on the top, adding a back of fleece would make a nice lighter blanket-quilt. The name of this particular fleece is "Taylor's flowers."

For the binding, I picked out a fun little flannel print known as:   Dog-gone Cute Pink Paw Print.

Ain't it so sweet?   Hopefully it will add to the fun and charm of the Care Bear baby blanket-quilt.   :)

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